Copying to Live Writer

I love the fact I can copy and paste screen prints into a blogging program, this is a nice feature of Live Writer.  I was frustrated with the implementation of it.


Default Paste to Live Writer



Paste into word



Notice how Word sets the picture to the max size of the current margins?  It also performs the resize by keeping the aspect ration the same.

This got me thinking, maybe I haven’t crossed all my Ts and dotted my Is.  The then tried the "Advanced" picture settings on the right of Live Writer.  And I found what I looking for, a better way to adjust he size.

I was previously resizing by using the mouse, this was a pain because the document size does not enlarge so the workaround I use is to add some blank lines and then resize.



This is much easier.  Unfortunately I can’t draw on the image and circle the Advanced tab on the right.



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