Outlook Delete Problem, Where’s the “Are You Sure?”

When hitting the delete key Outlook 2007 on a contact you as the user is not prompted with “are you sure, yes or no”, this is very surprising, troublesome and a break from precedent.  Is there an option to turn it on?

Big problem with SharePoint lists because they don’t go into the user’s recycle bin.  They do appear to go into the SharePoint Site recycle bin but having problems with removing from recycle bin.


Remote Desktop Snap In Lacking Features and Bug

1st Problem: No Fullscreen feature with a toggle in and out.  Interesting enough the 2K8 Terminal Server Manager has been nicely upgraded, works like a charm.

2nd Problem: Connected to 2K3 Server without maximized, maximized mmc, screen adjusted but the server didn’t know about it.




Clicking start didn’t work, notice icons and there arrangement, same as above, it is like one half didn’t know that he screen res adjusted.



3rd Problem: Sending special keys? Windows, Ctrl-Alt-Del?

MSDN Magazine Customized

I’d like to be able to build my own MSDN magazines.  Something like a checked listbox with all of the available articles, I’d select the ones I want and click create.  The create would create a PDF (I wish I could say XPS but MSFT is just not that behind XPS).


So for example the three articles above would have check boxes next to them, along with the others not in the screen shot.  At the bottom would be the create button.

The first page would be the cover displayed in the above screen print.  The subsequent pages would be the articles I selected, you could even throw in a few advertisement pages.

My company has a nice high speed color copier with a finisher, I prefer to read the hard copy and don’t see the need for MSDN to print and mail.  I’ll take care of that.