Business Printers, HP and Konica (The BizHub)

Huge fan of HP printers, the 40 or so I’ve worked with in my short career has made me very happy with their product, and I can’t say that for too many companies.  The 4250 is a rock!

The BizHub is good with too many driver annoyances.  Our support people are still living in the old world, the copier hardware world.  Almost all problems with the device are software, as to be expected!

Issues with the Biz Hub Software:

  • Paper loaded in manual feed (usually legal in our case), print from pc, the user has to confirm something on the screen on the device.  I can’t remember the test off handle but I don’t think is behavior existed when using the device and manual feed.
  • Print multiple copies from Word or Excel, with stapling, major issues with collate options.  In one app the collate button on the first print dialog the collate checkbox has to be checked and the Bizhub properties it can’t be.  But in the other app the collate checkbox can’t be checked in the first print dialog but in the BizHub it has to be checked.  Very annoying, the user should not have to perform this operation to print a multi copy document with stapling.

The PC driver, the software part that the user uses is weak, it has some good options but it needs a lot of “sanding.”

We purchased our BizHub from Ameritek in Sanford, FL.  While there was some initial unwarranted issues in the beginning, the issues that have surfaced over the last year have left me very dissatisfied.  Our device is the 4000 series, I believe, Color.  I’ll have to look up the model.


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