Outlook Categories

I’m updating my categories in code using the Com objects and I see the
changes in Outlook but when I close and re-open the changes are not there.

More detailed description:
-Outlook 2007 running
-Start my app
-Run code to update the category colors and shortcut keys
-I see the color changes in Outlook
-Close my app
-Close Outlook
-Reopen Outlook, changes are gone.

Prior to running my program


After Running


But if I close and reopen Outlook it goes back to the first screen print.

I’ve been informed of a workaround but I’m getting inconsistent results.  The workaround is to remove the category and readd it.

This seemed to work but after running it few times but I’m seeing strange results, the colors are not on some after running app and not in the master category list anymore.


Notice the SIF – Close Partners.  There is no color.

I performed my method to “update” the categories again, without closing from the screen shot above, and now the category is in my master list and has a color.


Notice SIF – Close partners now, I clicked the same button in my app both times, i.e. I ran the exact same code but I’m getting different results.



The Power of Outlook Categories

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