Finding my Blog Posts, Very Frustrating

So I’ve been extensively using Live Writer for two or three months now, Live Writer is great but Googling or Binging my posts is not, I can’t find them.  The best I’ve got is Google’s wiki but that really on helps me.

My live space username is spottedmahn so I preface my searches with it.

In this instance I’m trying to find my post about Death to Non-HTML email. So I searched for

  • spottedmahn html
  • spottedmahn death

On Google and Bing, no luck.

When I track it down manually and add it to my Google Wiki I notice the title of the page is not the Blog Title, and the summary doesn’t have text from page, maybe the Google crawler isn’t crawling every entry in my blog because I can find it in a search when it was on my “first” page of my blog.


Notice the address of the link, that’s my “first” page of my blog which shows the N most recent posts or however it works.


XtraGrid ServerMode AutoFilter Row Inconsistency

I’m testing out the ServerMode feature of XtraGrid and I’m seeing an inconsistency with filtering on a date.

ServerMode = false


This works great, the user types in 4/1 and the list filters.  But in Server Mode that isn’t working for me.  In researching why I tried the filter dropdown and that worked but I noticed the filter bar at the bottom is different than the above, it has a < and > on the date with the time as well.

Filtering using the procedure from above:



But clicking the AutoFilter DropDown works:



This is inconsistent makes the user’s life more difficult, they can’t from looking at the gird if it is in servermore nor should they need to know this.  Hopefully I’m just doing something incorrectly.

DevExpress XtraGrid, ServerMode, Grouping and Sorting Problem

Having a problem using design time grouping and sorting, specifically the sorting within a group.


Notice the Policy Effective Date, it is suppose to be sorted.

After the data is loaded if I click on that column then the data is sorted.


I just tried the above in the LinqServerMode Demo and it worked, hum what I am doing differently.


So I just removed the additional sorts and only put one on, the Policy Effective Date and it worked.


So then how does SubSorting work, in XtraGrid?  A search on DexExpress for “subsorting” yielded nothing.  I went ahead and added another column to be sorted, put it in descending so I could verify if it was truly working and it did.


So why is it working now?  Maybe the order in which you set the columns controls is the order in which the statements get written to the designer file which in turn controls the order the statements are run?  I don’t see any options in the Feature Browser, Sorting, Your Columns to control the order sorts are performed.


Show how do I control the order in which columns are sorted?

Google Searching For One of My Forum Posts

I posted a thread to the Office Outlook Programming forum and I wanted add a reply, I can’t remember the forum address so I searched for the title with user name, it didn’t show up.  Interesting enough though it showed up on 5+ other forums…

I was able to add to my Google searches, the title Google provides probably reveals the problem


Other results


Microsoft and Google and My Career

I think a person entering the workforce with a CS background kinda has to pick a “technology” to be very prosperous in their career.  I think Microsoft is doing great things at their company, many great things.  I’m also intrigued my Google, they are also doing some great work.

I think Google and MSFT should be battling each other.  Our industry is about people working together and agreeing upon standards, whether it is a simple standard like a manual process a user performs or the Doc X format (something like Open Office Documents is the official name) it is all about standards.

For benefit of my direct career I think I would be more prosperous if they worked together more than dismissed one another.  It is simple to me, break it down like any other “problem” that CS people solve, start with step 1 and proceed to N.  In order for me to be productive I must have a good set of tools.  If Microsoft and Google don’t play nicely together my tools will suffer and therefore me.

So Please Microsoft revaluate you position on Google.  As I know more about MSFT I can talk more about them, I get the impression they seem them as a direct competitor but I do not believe that is the case.  I would submit that there is overlap and competition for dollars but benefits of working together I think brings in more dollars in the end because software becomes more efficient, which in turn makes people more efficient.



Definitions as used above

Standard – Used in a very broad perspective.  An example would be my usage of N.  In obtaining my degree N was used specifically to represent the size or the number of elements.