Outlook 2007, SharePoint Contacts Copying Local Problem

I’m dragging all contacts stored in a SharePoint list to a local contact folder and the drag and drop doesn’t copy all of the items, it doesn’t complete and Outlook doesn’t tell me anything wrong has occurred.

SP List


Empty Local List


After drag and drop


The above is interesting in that last time I tried I not get the exact same results.  Last time the items that copied were different than this set.

Posting this blog made me reevaluate and I’ve determined more about why this happening.  I changed my view to Detailed Address Cards, re-dragged and dropped and it worked.  Previously I was in the a modified category view.  I think the problem is my the contact being listed more than once.  I.e. My contact is in the SIF – FRSA USIS category and the Tech – Support Category.  I also have another contact with the same full name but different company.


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