Windows Live Writer Enhancement – C# Code Display Support

It would be nice if Live Writer formatted code like Visual Studio.


//Get paymment for claim
var QueryClmPayItems = from C in HpDb.View_ClaimsPayItemCheckDetailsUnitStats
                       where C.CNUMBER.HasValue && C.CNUMBER.Value.Equals(ClaimNumberIn)// && C.CheckDate.HasValue && C.CheckDate.Value <= ValuationDateIn
                       select C;

//filter on dates, sql test workaround with where in statement above process was taking hours to run
var QueryClmPayItemsDateFiltered = from X in QueryClmPayItems
                                   where X.CheckDate.HasValue && X.CheckDate.Value <= ValuationDateIn
                                   select X;



The latter is much easier to read!


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