DevExpress XtraGrid, ServerMode, Grouping and Sorting Problem

Having a problem using design time grouping and sorting, specifically the sorting within a group.


Notice the Policy Effective Date, it is suppose to be sorted.

After the data is loaded if I click on that column then the data is sorted.


I just tried the above in the LinqServerMode Demo and it worked, hum what I am doing differently.


So I just removed the additional sorts and only put one on, the Policy Effective Date and it worked.


So then how does SubSorting work, in XtraGrid?  A search on DexExpress for “subsorting” yielded nothing.  I went ahead and added another column to be sorted, put it in descending so I could verify if it was truly working and it did.


So why is it working now?  Maybe the order in which you set the columns controls is the order in which the statements get written to the designer file which in turn controls the order the statements are run?  I don’t see any options in the Feature Browser, Sorting, Your Columns to control the order sorts are performed.


Show how do I control the order in which columns are sorted?


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