Finding my Blog Posts, Very Frustrating

So I’ve been extensively using Live Writer for two or three months now, Live Writer is great but Googling or Binging my posts is not, I can’t find them.  The best I’ve got is Google’s wiki but that really on helps me.

My live space username is spottedmahn so I preface my searches with it.

In this instance I’m trying to find my post about Death to Non-HTML email. So I searched for

  • spottedmahn html
  • spottedmahn death

On Google and Bing, no luck.

When I track it down manually and add it to my Google Wiki I notice the title of the page is not the Blog Title, and the summary doesn’t have text from page, maybe the Google crawler isn’t crawling every entry in my blog because I can find it in a search when it was on my “first” page of my blog.


Notice the address of the link, that’s my “first” page of my blog which shows the N most recent posts or however it works.


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