Word 2007, Multiple Documents With Only One Taskbar Item

The taskbar display in Windows XP for Word has changed on my machine and I don’t know why or how it happened.  If I open multiple documents I only get one taskbar entry, see below.  I use to get one taskbar with multiple entries listed when clicking on it like the Outlook taskbar entry is.




I have multiple documents open but only one taskbar item.

This is very frustrating because it makes having multiple documents open difficult.  When Word is maximized I’m only able to see the most recently opened document.


WsFTP Pro – Site Manager Stored in User Profile

The Site Manager in WsFTP is critical to any good FTP client but the data is stored in the user profile.  Because the “data store” is not shared you can run into problems.

Apparently the Site Manager stores it’s data in an ini file which can be copied amongst the desired profiles.

C:Documents and Settings[username]Application DataIpswitchWS_FTPSites


Mac vs PC, iPhone lack of MMS, MMS in General and Windows Mobile

I was chatting with someone tonight about Microsoft and I brought up the steam Apple has gained in the past 5 years, especially with the iPhone.  He was an older gentleman in the software business and basically dismissed my concerns about this; I’m just starting my career and feel it is important to pick a path, a technology flavor, I’ve bet on MSFT so it is utmost importance that they succeed.

There is no doubt Microsoft “runs” businesses, and they continue to do great things but like one interviewer for Channel 9 put it: “Microsoft was/is primarily an software engineering company not a…”, sorry I can’t remember his analogy but it was something along the lines of a “consumer” or maybe “user experience” company.  Surely Microsoft sells to them but at it’s nucleus Microsoft has hard core engineering people working for them which great for a lot of software development but not all.  Most talented software writers struggle to see the system from an end user’s perspective.  I understand it (at least I think), the problems they solve are extremely complex, so deep then can’t climb out of the hole.  In my opinion this is one of the keys for Apples re-emergence, the other being the cost of hardware has dropped and crossed the apex of too expensive for the average Joe.

Apple does consumer stuff well, as they should, their product is more expensive, I like to equate them to a Porsche, a nice car but you obviously pay more for it.  But when it comes to MP3 players and smart phones the story changes a little.  The difference in the price for mid – high grade “open market” products compared to Apple is negligible or the same.  When I bout an iPod (80GB v5 I believe) about 1.5 years ago, a Zune was right around the same price.

I started this post because I’m soooo frustrated with the iPhone’s lack of MMS.  So frustrated!  Overall the iPhone is a rock and by far the best currently in the market when measured by it’s functionality and stability (Blackberry maybe stable but it’s a souped up phone in my opinion).  Some how Apple doesn’t really see this as a big problem, and yes I know the 3.0 OS was suppose to fix but AT&T still hasn’t rolled it out.

For years camera phones promised up the sharing of photos but was still a pipe dream in my opinion, sure it kinda worked but the quality was low, problem sharing with friends between networks, people without MMS, the only time it worked as desired was on a AT&T commercial that aired around 2003/4 (maybe, whatever the date it was a long time ago).  Part of the commercial was a husband and wife communicating over picture messages, the images were clear and sending/receiving was quick.

Line between VSTO and Outlook Object Model Is Blurry

I think it is unclear to a newbie what is the difference between the Outlook Object Model and VSTO.  For a newbie the question starts with “I want to programmatically do something with Outlook, where do I start?”

I once posted a thread to the VSTO forum and was told to post else where yet the following MSDN Doc has the Outlook Object Model under VSTO.

I understand our business is complicated and we have to learn but I think there is room for improvement.