Social Bookmarks Cancelled???? Why?

This is all we get?


MSFT did the same lame thing with PopFly, no explanation, very disappointing.  If you have to shutdown this is your company’s decision but give your community a reason for it, you know what I mean?

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Windows 7 – Start Menu, Remember Feature Bugs, Additional Example

I’ve already posted about my issues with Windows and the remembered programs feature but I had another example it really frustrated me…

I ran PDF Fill – Free Tools which was the first item in the list (starting from bottom), clicked start again and it was gone… what? It was in the list, I just clicked it again and then it gets removed..???


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Win 7 – Searching for an Outlook Task using Start Menu

I tried to search for an SharePoint task (I have connected Outlook SP List) but it was not in the top results.  So I opened the more results, grouped by type, there were a lot, interesting though, they were sorted descending by type name.

I then found the task, pretty cool!

Oh wait, it doesn’t open… that stinks.


Oh wait, I tried again as I’m writing this blog and now they both open… what’s up with that?

Interesting there were two there… why?  There’s only one task that I’m aware of.  It was in the SP Local Failures it turns out..



How would I tell the OS to move Outlook tasks higher up in the list for consecutive searches from the start menu?  How about an automated and manual way?


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Windows 7, Search Becomes a Second Class Citizen!

Windows 7 search has definitely become more integrated with the OS, yeah!  But still a lot of holes too fill though.

I have set up a Library I’m calling Common for now which has some of my frequented dirs.  I know there are some bat files I care about in one of those dirs and I know they contain xcopy in the file name.  So I searched for xcopy:


I file I’m looking for is now in the first page though…


Found it, highlighted on above.

Ok, so now how to I much this result up for future searches so I don’t have to scroll to find it?

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