ASUS Notebook Downloads, SlapshTop (ExpressGate) and Tech Support

First, ASUS tech did not impress me at all.  1 email and 2 phones.  The email response, useless.  First phone tech 40 minutes for 10 minutes worth of work.  Second tech not very good either.

Problem with ExpressGate download:

The most recent is apparently not Windows 7 64 bit compatible



.21 appears to work though


My reason for trying to update SlapshTop (ExpressGate) is because my mic is not working in Skype.


Dog Shirt

"*" Means Quote from Cesar Millan

-Calm Assertive Pack Leader*

-Exercise, Discipline then Affection*

-We Live in the Now (Dog Live in the Know*)

-Keep the brain moving forward*

-No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact*

-Our goal is no tension (Modified Quote From Cesar Millan)


-Calm Submissive State*

-Power of the Pack*

-Dog Psychology*

-I Train People and Rehabilitate Dogs*

-No Dog is Too Much*

-Kids are Barometers of a Dogs State (No proven yet I think it’s probably true)

-Sound Can Create Excited State of Mind*

-Fight, Flight, Avoidance, Submission*

-Dog Nose, Eyes then Ears; Human Ears Eyes Nose*

-Pay It Forward (Maybe)

-Pull Up or To Side*

-It always gets worse before it gets better*

-More he fights the better for me*

-Animal, Dog, Breed, Individual*

-We can’t allow one second of fixation*

-Giving space*

-I’ve got a pack of pits that can change anyone’s mind*

-You get the dog you need not the dog you want*

A lot of these quotes come from Cesar Millan (The Dog Whispers) or are modified editions.  Thank you beyond you can imagine Mr. Millan, you have truly helped me and I try to pay it forward.

"*" Means Quote from Cesar Millan