Asus Tech Support Appears to Be Bad as the Rest of Them

I’ve had to contact Asus tech support about the Mic not working in Skype in ExpressGate (appears to really be SplashTop) and phone tech support is semi-difficult to understand and they don’t listen, they acknowledge that they understand when they have little idea of what you really said.  I suspect this usually happens because of their lack of knowledge of English.

Started with emailing issue.  The response was abhorrent and irrelevant.  I’ll have to dig it up and update this post.

So on to phone support.  They showed me where to locate the downloads for ExpressGate (Notebook, Apps, Express Gate).  I select the OS, downloaded, ran they instaler and I got an error: not compatible with this version of Windows.  I go back to the downloads, notice one of the Older versions says For Win 7 in it’s description, awh the website didn’t filter properly.

I downloaded and installed v2 build 1..13.21 and it installed successfully. Problem was still there, no mic in Skype.

Re-called tech support, off course the next tech tries to go over the same stuff again, I ask her to read her notes and she has very little to read.  Turns out they’ve put out another build.  I didn’t think to check since it was only a week ago.  I’ll have try the latest version for Win 7 1…13.31.

Side note the first tech said “Only use Global for the download link” and could grasp the the all the links for a version provide the same data.  Also the DLM stands for Download Manager (I suspect) and provides a DLM that IE doesn’t provide which for long downloads (over 10 minutes) is very important.

Use the DLM if in the Download speed is slow.


Btw 21 KB/sec, what is this 2002, come on.


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