Trying to Get Skype Working on My Asus Notebook in SlpashTop

Calling Asus on Skye in Win7.

3rd phone call proceed with one email to support.

Talking to Madison this evening.

Some of her words are hard to understand.

She read back descent case notes to be, she kinda understood what was going on.

Actual put me on hold to get a unit! Finally, it’s pretty simple in my opinion; To Support it you’ve gotta have access to it.

Their hold doesn’t have any noise, it’s 100% silent, makes it tough to know you’re still connected.  But better than told to hold every 60s.

26 Mins: Been on hold a long time at least 8 mins.  Now phone is ringing again but no one is picking up.  It stopped ringing but no one this there.  Maybe put me back on hold?  Maybe somebody doesn’t want to talk to me?

31 Mins: Still on hold, not picking up.  I think she’s waiting me out.  Does want to end the call but she’ll wait for me to hang up?  I seen before when I worked for Gateway and Convergys.

33 Mins: We got disconnect.  I think I was hung up on.

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