Skype Online Number Too Expensive

I was poking around Online Number feature on the Skype website and thought that it could be useful but I wanted to know how much?  Strange they don’t tell you upfront, a sign that it’s going to be a rip off.  And sure enough it’s fairly expensive:

You are buying the online number +1 239 935 8183

Online number, 3 month subscription, $18.00

Buy now and get 33% off

Online number, 12 month subscription, $60.00

Buy now and get 50% off


$60 a year for just a phone # and that is 50% off, what about next year?  $120 a year for a phone number, sorry I’m not interested at that price.

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3 thoughts on “Skype Online Number Too Expensive

  1. It is too expensive, I made a number some years ago when it had a reasonable price and I renewed it last year only cause I was lazy, but there will be no next renewal, I am looking for an alternative now.

    • Hi Adrian,

      Thanks for the reply.

      Let me know if find any good alternative(s).

      Mike DePouw

      Related Note:
      Windows Live Upgrades (finally):

      Live writer rocks but the old live blog hosting stunk. Now with word press I can actual see the comments people post (a pretty simple and required feature if you ask me).

  2. That”s nothing.. their Japan numbers are about 200 dollars for three months. And they are low-esteem 050 numers that no-one would be caught dead with. Put that on your business card and it is sure to wind up in the trash.

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