WinForm Databinding Doesn’t Work With Nullable

There are some major issues using databinding in WinForm apps when using nullable<t>.  The first problem I uncovered was a with a nullable datetime.  There is no native support for binding a DateTimePicker to a Nullable<DateTime>.  There are a few blog posts about workarounds on this topic but they are workarounds.

Then I uncovered issues binding a TextBox to a Nullable<int>.  The problem is once a value was set I couldn’t figure out how to set value back to null.

The next issue was with binding a ComboBox to a Nullable<int>.  To test I bound the ComboBox to a int and I didn’t have any issues.

Seems like the WinForm team needs to do some cleanup work for the features introduced in .Net 2.0.  I suspect that won’t happen though, MSFT appears to have already moved on to WPF.

I wish I could attach a demo app to this post…

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Windows 7, Bing, Sync Center, “It’s a Simple Search, at least in my opinion”

I’ve having some problems with sync center in Windows 7; I keep getting connection lost, or something like that, server not available.

Anyway, so I search for “sync center connection lost windows 7” on Bing.  It was disappointing to find out it was not in my top search results.  I thought it was but it took me to a Vista page.


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They Haven’t Learned from Google, KISS

It is so frustrating how busy some many websites are.

For example, NBC 2010 Olympics:


There’s gotta be 50 clickable links above and 40 micro-sections.  Take the top most section, there’s the NBC Vancouver 2010 logo which is good, then Olympic Day 2 which is good, then a stupid NBC Sports logo, then powered by logo, then a search section followed by any logo for bing, then another MSN logo, then a Bing advertisement that has 3 things going on.  There’s about 10 micro-sections in the top section alone, way too much in my opinion.

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Fox News Video Playback is Terrible

Simple stuff like commercials were a problem.  It exited full screen, then restarted the video from beginning.

Also, couldn’t find it via google, had to visit, find oreilly, scroll thru a website that is way to busy and find the video.

If I remember correctly CBS is doing the best job on this front, internet video.


When the video restarted I was unable to skip forward to my previous position but I couldn’t.  It would only let me scroll to what had been buffered.  So I paused it and moved on to something else, eventually I would come back and finish watching it.

Well after N number of minutes later, I’m interrupted by a loud annoying commercial from the video I paused early.  What a terrible UX (User Experience)

Update 2:

Man I just can’t finish this video.  Another commercial and another restart of the video.

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