Fox News Video Playback is Terrible

Simple stuff like commercials were a problem.  It exited full screen, then restarted the video from beginning.

Also, couldn’t find it via google, had to visit, find oreilly, scroll thru a website that is way to busy and find the video.

If I remember correctly CBS is doing the best job on this front, internet video.


When the video restarted I was unable to skip forward to my previous position but I couldn’t.  It would only let me scroll to what had been buffered.  So I paused it and moved on to something else, eventually I would come back and finish watching it.

Well after N number of minutes later, I’m interrupted by a loud annoying commercial from the video I paused early.  What a terrible UX (User Experience)

Update 2:

Man I just can’t finish this video.  Another commercial and another restart of the video.

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