Amazon VOD (Video on Demand), Another Poor Support Incidence

Last weekend I rented a movie (Glorious Bastards) and unfortunately I had problems.  About every 15 minutes or so the video would stop and my Roku would attempt to re-stream.  Sometimes it succeed and sometimes it didn’t.  If it didn’t I backed out of the movie and resumed play.

Take make matters worse I had a friend over, a non-techy, it wasn’t a good introduction for him into streaming video over the web onto the TV.

I emailed support and then credited my account the $4.  That wasn’t really what I was trying to accomplish, I just wanted to let them know I had problems viewing.

This weekend (2/27) I rented another movie and yet again the same problem.  This time I called support.  The tech was decent but of course played the blame game: it’s probably your bandwidth.  He also wanted me to reset my Roku, router and cable modem.  If I was still having problems he told me to contact my ISP.

Are you serious, I’m going to call my ISP and say what?  I’m having trouble streaming a video from Amazon?  Come on.  If I’m going to call my ISP I need ammo.  I reviewed ping plotter and my response times were just fine, under 200 ms.  Probably closer to 50 ms.  I also did a bandwidth test and my DL rate was 10 Mpbs down and 1 Mbps up.

The tech followed up with a useless canned huge email.

Last night (2/28) I watched some episodes of Two and A Half Man via Amazon VOD and had similar problems.  Usually once during the episode the video would stop.

Tonight I’m watching Kpax via Netflix and I’m not having any issues.  It is a different day and maybe it was my bandwidth but I doubt it.  Even if it was Amazon needs to help provide me with the necessary info to contact my ISP otherwise they’ll lose a customer, me.

Also, prior to this experience I have watched 4 seasons of How I Meet Your Mother over a few week time period from Amazon VOD without issue.

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