Testing Microsoft Tag

I was browsing the app store my new Android phone were I came across a Microsoft product called Tag.  I had no idea what is but I went ahead an installed it anyway.  My first impression though was that the icon was lame, 1988 looking if you ask me.

Turns out it is a glorified UPC.  Very promising stuff.

Here is my first tag.  It links to my Live blog.


One initial thought I had was “Ok, I’ve viewed it on my mobile phone but now I have access to a pc and I want to review visit, how do I easily do that?”  It looks like there is no way of doing this.

Another initial reaction is I don’t like the above url.  gettag.mobi?  why not a .com?

App Usage Feedback

The first time on ran the app on my phone it asked me too many questions, I think there were 4 prompts.  Too many in my opinion.

I was able to point my phone at the image above and it worked!  Very cool.

Microsoft Tag Website

As the creator of the above tag I can view a set of reports (as expected).  The reports are good but the icons are weak.  Very small and old school looking.


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