Hey SeaGate, What if I already have a X, Y and Z Drive?

Got a new 2TB Wifi NAS from Seagate.  Just installed 20 mins ago.

Of course the first time I tried to connect it couldn’t find the device.  I tried rebooting it.  Still no luck, gave up.

Came back to it 2 hrs later and it could now find the device, cool.

Then I try to figure out how it works and I find this:


Cool.. very cool, three drive letters by default, nice help for the user.

BUT WHAT IF I’M ALREADY USING THOSE DRIVE LETTERS?  Because I already am… doesn’t look like it was able to configure the device and assign it different drive letters.

Also, SeaGate, it is 2010 not 2001 so a Windows 2K Explorer screen print is weak and out of date.  Windows Vista or up.

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