Customize Blog my way, it’s so easy but I don’t think I can… really?

With the MSFT transition to wordpress I’m happy because they didn’t update there blogging service ever, at least that is how it felt.  I bet you the same functionality existed since it’s initial release and very little changed in the 3+ years it existed.

My problem is finding a blog layout I like.  It seems like theme-ing and layout are tied together.  Why can’t it be more like editing a SharePoint site, where you can quickly re-arrange objects (webparts to them) and add/remove as needed.

I simply want my current theme but I want to add my tags to the main layout but I can’t figure out how to do it.  I hope it is me…

5 minutes later…

So re-investigate and found it.  Widgets…



I looked for “tag” previously, didn’t know what tag cloud was… I should have tried it.  Well, I tried it now and yeah!



Can’t Easily Open a OneNote Notebook stored in the “cloud”

I’ve just started using OneNote along with storing my files at and I’ve noticed it is not possible to open a file stored there from within OneNote.

File, Open knows nothing about the cloud.  I hope this changes or I learn I’m doing something wrong.

What I’m doing today is opening IE (doesn’t work in Chrome, another pain point), track down the website is not easy to find via a google search, track down the file I want which is clunky if you ask me and finally click the open with OneNote icon.  Very tedious in my opinion.