Netflix Streaming Marketing is Dishonest

When Netflix says “stream movies instantly” they are being dishonest as they are not telling you can’t stream the popular movies instantly.  Basically you can stream old movies or movies that bomb.

Think of any big movie over the past 5 years and I bet you it is not available for streaming.


2 thoughts on “Netflix Streaming Marketing is Dishonest

  1. I subscribed to NetFlix so i could watch the rest of Emily of new Moon since there were no more offered on free sites after a while. I was then able to continue to watch the ones I wanted. The next day, I tried to watch the last 4 episodes and it said NetFlix didn’t offer them on line. NetFlix said I could pay another $2.00 and they could send me the DVD’s to watch. Then I got curious and tried to watch the 5 episodes again that I had watched the night before. Wouldn’t you know, It said those episodes weren’t available to stream either! Funny since they let me watch them all the night before. It is a scam. Now I’m sorry I went to bed and didn’t stay up long enough to watch the last four episodes!

  2. I do want to say that I went in and cancelled my free month subscription the next morning. If you cancel with in a month, you do not have to pay. I subscribed Feb. 19 and cancelled Feb. 20, so I guess I am safe? They supposedly will not be taking $7.99/mo out of my bank account. I will let you all know how it turns out. I hope they are at least honest about their cancelaton policy.

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