Clipping Files Error–Flip Video Recorder

vvvvvvvvvI received the following error in creating a video of 5 individual videos, what gives?


Clipping Files: An unexpected error occurred. If this occurs again, please contact technical support.

Debug Info: Mp4Clipper::AddJPEGToJamestownThumbnailAtom could not open MP4 fileC:\Users\NASP-03\Videos\FlipShare Data\Videos\VID00404.mp4

Thread Name: Make Movie Save Task : {6ba0f86a-28ab-406c-8d7c-1223fedc2fbe}


10049C51: Core cs::RESTFlipFrameAuthToken::getIsAuthorized

100C779A: Core cs::RESTFlipFrameAuthToken::getIsAuthorized

6701F23D: QtCore4 QThread::setPriority

735A2A47: MSVCR80 endthreadex

77B39ED2: ntdll RtlInitializeExceptionChain

77B39EA5: ntdll RtlInitializeExceptionChain