OneNote Needs to Sync “Settings”

OneNote needs to sync settings like:

  • Custom Tags
  • Tag Re-ordering
  • Tag removal
  • Hide/Show Authors per notebook
  • Hide/Show Unread changes in notebook

To start the OneNote team could team up with the Live Mesh team to get this implement.  And it is my understanding that Windows 8 supports this type of syncing as a first class citizen too.


Client Apps beat Web Apps

The idea of web apps are overrated to me.  They limit the developers abilities to create good apps quickly.  They have there uses but client apps are where it is at.

HTTP was designed to be stateless but for an app to be useful it must have state.  Sure developers have created tools to work with this but why not use something designed around statefulness.

The idea of boxing software into the browser to keep users safe adds significant overhead and effects what the developer can program.

The web turns the computer back into a dumb terminal.  Sure it’s the next version of a dumb terminal but the principle is the same.

With the success of the Apple Apps Market it is easier to validate my point.

I’m baffled by all of the whoops web developers jump through for trivial tasks.


BTW, I love Gmail.  Gmail is a great web app.  It’s probably insanely complicated though.  And not something us mear mortals can do today.  I also like Outlook 2010.  It works great and is usually fair fast.  Especially navigating from screen to screen.


Exteremely example: Take a restraurant order entry system with modern touch screens.  These apps have to be fast.  If it holds true for that extremem example at what point or what influences change the choice between a client app and a web app?  A website like it would seem would always need a web app to reach the broadest audience.  Client apps would probably still be a good idea too though.  The Amazon iPad app is far prefered to me over browsing their site in Safari on my iPad.  The app does lack modern filtering/sorting options though.  As for filtering/sorting modernities see the Zappos iPad app, brilliant! .

What is a Computer?

In my lifetime, 80s – today, the word computer often refers to Desktop or Laptop.  I believe this to be too narrow of a definition.

Is a DVD player not a computer?  Or an Alarm clock?  Or a microwave?  Or a TV?  They all perform computations today.  They are or have computers in them.

My goal with this post is to help educate people that computers are all around us.

BlackBerry’s Critical Feature: A Keyboard

The strongest feature BlackBerry has ever had, I think, are their keyboards, users liked them.  I know corporate business users got use to them and I suspect they don’t want to go to a touchscreen only model.

If you’re an existing BlackBerry user that types work emails from their phone what do you switch too?

iPhone, with a touchscreen, doubt they’ll like it.  Sure some people are fast with touchscreens but I think a physical keyboard is still going to be quicker especially for non-newbies.  Newbies might have a fighting chance at being better with a touch screen but I don’t know.

Android or WP7?  I suspect most carriers carry one or two with physical keyboards.  No not a lot of choices, that’s not a good thing.

MiniTablets not SmartPhones

In my opinion, our current phraseology is incorrect with the usage of: smartphone.  It is a small tablet computer that makes phone calls.  Making phone calls is a feature and the device has many features.

I’m not a wordsmith so I don’t know what to call them but I do belief smartphone is a incorrect word since it promotes one feature, the phone, to too high of prominence.