Pics with my Music Please

I love pics, I like taking them and I like looking at them. 

Every car stereo (deck) with a screen should support playing pictures when listening to music.  This feature should be easy use and there should be a standard that any deck manufacturer could implement.

The standard should support playing photos in order and by playlists.  Some ways to order would be by date taken, location, etc.


MP3 Data CD/DVD With Playlists and Ordering

It is so simple to me, I want to “make a cd” that is in a MP3 format so I can put hundreds of songs on a CD or DVD but I want to keep my ordering.  I use the term “make a cd” because it is what we did 10 years ago, you made a Audio CD and specified the order of the tracks.

It’s cool that data disks are now becoming ubiquitous in cars but I wanted this 6+ years ago and they should have figured this out 10+ years ago.  The engineers at every car stereo manufacturer should have recognized this and force the creation of a new standard to support this.

And the same holds true for thumbs drives that most new decks support.  I want to create and ordered playist(s).

Every car stereo with MP3 support I’ve seen re-orgs the data.  My JVC only supports by artist.  I imagine others support sorting by year or other meta-data which is sometimes helpful but it is not a playlist.

There needs to be a “M3U” standard that works on CDs, DVDs and Thumb Drives.

Do the engineers in the industry not listen to music?

Search helpers:

“burn mp3 playlist”