Email Page Issues–Table with Todos Not Exporting Properly

From OneNote


In Outlook




I email pages all the time and they look great but there seems to be problems with rendering tables, big bummer!!!!!!


How to Provide Support, A Few Thoughts

I’m terribly frustrated with “computer” support.  When I say “computer” I mean any piece of electronics, not just a PC.  I find it to be cumbersome, slow, frustrating and all around a bad experience.

Know your Audience

For starters, I haven’t see a single support company start a conversion say with “let me first understand your background so I know how to talk to you.”  That’s the first thing I always have to do when responding to support issues, who am I communicating with and word language would they understand?

When ever I contact support I’m treated the same a my grandma, this is terrible, inefficient and frustrating.

No Repeating

Don’t make users repeat themselves.  If I enter info into the phone system then that information so flow through.  Every company should log my hardware/software they are responsible for.  I call my about my HP1102w printer today and then next week, they should know the second time I call that I have one.

Verify is Different than What Is

There is a difference between “what is …” and “please verify your …”.  If you ask me to verify my phone number I will say it differently than if you ask me what is my phone #.