Email Page Issues–Table with Todos Not Exporting Properly

From OneNote


In Outlook




I email pages all the time and they look great but there seems to be problems with rendering tables, big bummer!!!!!!


OneNote Needs to Sync “Settings”

OneNote needs to sync settings like:

  • Custom Tags
  • Tag Re-ordering
  • Tag removal
  • Hide/Show Authors per notebook
  • Hide/Show Unread changes in notebook

To start the OneNote team could team up with the Live Mesh team to get this implement.  And it is my understanding that Windows 8 supports this type of syncing as a first class citizen too.

Can’t Easily Open a OneNote Notebook stored in the “cloud”

I’ve just started using OneNote along with storing my files at and I’ve noticed it is not possible to open a file stored there from within OneNote.

File, Open knows nothing about the cloud.  I hope this changes or I learn I’m doing something wrong.

What I’m doing today is opening IE (doesn’t work in Chrome, another pain point), track down the website is not easy to find via a google search, track down the file I want which is clunky if you ask me and finally click the open with OneNote icon.  Very tedious in my opinion.

Office Web App, OneNote Feedback, Printing

My email to Microsoft:


Office web apps are a great start.

While I am a digital native do believe there is a place for paper in this world today.  The computer has the master copy but I still want to print it out, write on it, take it places offline, etc.

Most of the time I’d be using my smart client OneNote app to build my notebooks and the web as a “access from anywhere tool”, more readonly and using it not so much deep editing.

Under those terms it would be beneficial to add printing to the web app.

Michael DePouw