BlackBerry’s Critical Feature: A Keyboard

The strongest feature BlackBerry has ever had, I think, are their keyboards, users liked them.  I know corporate business users got use to them and I suspect they don’t want to go to a touchscreen only model.

If you’re an existing BlackBerry user that types work emails from their phone what do you switch too?

iPhone, with a touchscreen, doubt they’ll like it.  Sure some people are fast with touchscreens but I think a physical keyboard is still going to be quicker especially for non-newbies.  Newbies might have a fighting chance at being better with a touch screen but I don’t know.

Android or WP7?  I suspect most carriers carry one or two with physical keyboards.  No not a lot of choices, that’s not a good thing.


MiniTablets not SmartPhones

In my opinion, our current phraseology is incorrect with the usage of: smartphone.  It is a small tablet computer that makes phone calls.  Making phone calls is a feature and the device has many features.

I’m not a wordsmith so I don’t know what to call them but I do belief smartphone is a incorrect word since it promotes one feature, the phone, to too high of prominence.

Keyboards on Smart Phones, A Must for Me

For me, I must have a keyboard on my smart phone.  How am I going to type a real message (email or long text) quickly?  I know some people are fast with the screen but I’m not and I don’t think I’m alone.

While I’m not very happy with my WP7 phone I love my slider keyboard.

This is really important for work, every little bit of time matters.