WP7, My Feedback

I’ve had my phone for around a year now and I’m not really that happy with it.   Some features are good but overall I’m disappointed.

They released too early, the first OS was not feature rich enough.  With the Mango update it got better.  This should have been the first public version, they should have waited to release.

Consumers are not businesses, they won’t accept want a product that mostly works.


LG with the Keyboard, AT&T first generation


-Lock screen is the best I’ve seen, great job

-Keyboard!  I prefer/require a keyboard on my SmartPhones.  It’s more efficient for me.



-Poor UX for saving from OneNote. I back out so I know it saves, I might not have to be that is only way I save “saving” msg.

-No Gmail Support. Archive, spam

-No Screen Print!!!

-Lack of Play To Support. I should be able to easily say play to and it just works. Play to Receiver or my PC or my wireless speakers or my TV. The Play To UX is terrible and clumsy. AirPlay works way better

-Home screen doesn’t rotate when I slide open my phone

-No FB security options when posting updates. Maybe I want a public msg and then a friends only the next time

-Ear Hang Ups. My phone wakes up all the time and I don’t talk that much on it. I mute people, hang up, etc. My smart phone isn’t so smart

-Zoom UX is terrible. iOS amazing and works great

-Phone #’s are not tapable in emails

-Download email attachment is tedious, tap, wait, wait, then tap once downloaded, just open it and do it a lot faster!

-Maps referred to I-75 as SR-93 and while it is probably technically SR-93 nobody knows that nor cares.

-Selecting text is terrible for me, I can never get it to select what I want

-There is a problem with my Zune pass and now my music won’t play.  The first problem is have to plug it into my PC to fix.  The second problem is after I click close on the message it tries to play the next song that throws up the same message and so on and so on.

-Lack of Keyboard Support.  Example: down arrow from subject to body doesn’t work

-Zoom in Word didn’t work

-No XPS Viewer

-No Office 365 integration


After Read, Why isn’t it Syncing Quickly?

When I read an email from my Gmail account on my WP7 it is not marked as read on the server instantly.  If I force a Sync it will be marked as read or the next auto-sync with mark it as read.

When I read an email it should be marked as read on the server ASAP.

WP7 Texting Doesn’t Tombstone Properly, Unsent Text Lost

I just read an great article on Windows Phone 7 Tombstoning… and it got me thinking of an issue I noticed with texting, an undesired behavior, here’s the use case:

  1. Open Messaging
  2. New txt message or open an existing conversation
  3. Enter some text
  4. Leave the app
  5. Return to Messaging
  6. If I was in a conversation I’m not brought back to the conversation.  And if I entered text but did not send it is lost…. Crying face
  7. If it was a new conversation the new conversation is lost….Surprised smile

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Loud Music and Emails Don’t Mix on WP7

If I’m listening to music on my WP7 with headphones and the volume is turned all the way up, which I do kinda regularly, and then I get an email, the DING is really really loud, so loud it causes me discomfort.

I think if the music is playing, emails dings and what-nawt should be turned down.  I know the WP7 team only wants only one volume…

Try it yourself, find a a song you really like, put on some good headphones, turn the volume as loud as you can take it, listen for at least 30seconds, send yourself an email and listen for the loud and annoying email ding.

Or is it just me??


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Replies from WP7… No Subject in Outlook 2010 Conversation View??

A Co-workers reply


My Reply:


See how my reply is in the wrong conversation…  and says no subject.


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