Which learning paths are really needed for Azure Developer Associate? 🤔

On the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate page there’s a link to self paced learning.

Which takes us here but there’s 16 learning paths, that seems pretty high.

I searched for Databricks on the cert page and I don’t see it. What else is in that list of 16 isn’t needed for the dev associate cert? 🤔

In comparison w/ Azure Solutions Architect Expert which has 7 learning paths. So the more comprehensive cert has less learning paths???


How to view what I submitted to Microsoft Developer Community

I submitted an issue to developer community and was asked for additional details but I can’t remember and can’t see what I submitted to job my memory. The recordings and additional files are visible to me.

Thanks at Maria Ghiondea, I learned how to view my recordings and additional files I submitted. Under your profile you can view your attachments. It’s ugly but it works.

Which on is the recording though?? 🤔

And why is it trying to load every single file I’ve ever uploaded? The page response is terribly slow.

Default ASP.NET Core Environment Should be Local not Development

IMHO, the default ASP.NET Environment is “wrong”. Most shops I’ve worked in have a Dev server (along w/ a Staging/UAT server). This leads to confusion. Is the development environment pointing to my local resources of the dev server resources?

I’m a strong proponent of developing everything locally. Hence why I think Local should be the default environment.

In the past, I’ve created a custom environment called DevServer. The unfortunate issue with that approach is not I’ve headed down the custom path. A new person joins the team or project or company and they have to understand this custom thing I’ve created.

I wonder how others with dev servers are handling this? 🤔

Reference: Use multiple environments in ASP.NET Core

VFP COM dll Register But Not Showing Up in Visual Studio Add Reference

TLDR: Run VFP as an Admin

Background: I’ve been working a phased replacement project, for the time being, we still need to interface with Visual FoxPro (VFP) database and DLLs.

I needed to rebuild a VFP DLL and after doing that it wouldn’t show up in Visual Studio (VS) add Reference COM Tab


I wasn’t running as an admin and I got the following error but the DLL was produced so I figured I would just register it manually via regsvr32. Turns out that doesn’t work.

Access to system Registry denied

Kinda weird. I wouldn’t have expected the DLL to be produced. It must have multiple passes. Something like:

  1. Make a DLL (maybe native?)
  2. Turn that DLL into a COM DLL